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Truss Cleaning is used on impacted building materials throughout the structure to remove visible assumed fungal amplification. This is a mechanical process that physically removes microbial growth, dirt and other debris attached to the surface of the material. 
It is common that residual staining will remain but is generally lessened as a result of the remediation process. Staining is not an indicator of inadequate remediation or residual microbial growth.  
Sodium bicarbonate (ARMEX Blast Media-baking soda, maintenance formula) Soda blasting media is non-toxic/non-regulated/neutral PH and can be allowed to dissolve on the ground. 
Once truss cleaning is completed, the areas are air washed to ‘knock down’ debris from framing members to the ground. Air washing also is used to move particulate out of the structure and/or into manageable areas for cleanup. After thorough air washing, floor surfaces are cleaned.
 Because this process is mechanical and not based upon chemical application, the areas will remain in the condition that they appeared after the service is complete; clean and free of regrowth as long as the materials remain dry.  

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