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At Reform Restoration, we know how scary finding mold in your home or business can be. While it is common knowledge that mold exposure should be avoided at all cost, only IICRC certified professionals who have years of training and experience in the field know how to properly assess the mold, and which steps should be taken. We can analyze the mold growth, determine its toxicity level, and formulate a safe, effective mold removal and remediation plan.

Certified Mold remediation

Reform Restoration is an IICRC certified firm and licensed in the State of Florida in mold remediation. We provide mold inspection, sampling, removal, and remediation according to strict professional standards.

We are dedicated to helping you with any mold issues you might be having to make sure that we identify the mold, remove and treat it, and make sure that it never comes back. We address environmental factors that most likely led to the formation of the mold in the first place, to make sure that it never comes back.

Florida-Licensed Mold Remediator (MRSR3467)
Florida-Licensed Mold Assessors (MRSA3292)


Mold assessment service

Problems like hurricanes, floods, roof leaks, pipe leaks, sewage backups, and broken water heaters, are only a few examples of the things that can cause you to have mold growth in your home or facility.

We offer a wide range of services to determine the nature and extent of the microbial problem and how to fix them.


Each individual home gets its own estimate, price is based on time and materials needed to complete the task. Our managers will go onsite to make an assemessment and get you an estimate based on the severity of the mold.

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